The weather is starting to get warmer and that usually means time to clean the home and office, and prepare for the summer days ahead. But what about your online life, doesn’t that deserve some attention too?

Over time, content can get messy, designs can become outdated, and focus can be lost. These tips will help you get your business’s social media shipshape and ready for a social summer.

No. 1: Take a fresh look at Pinterest, you might be surprised what you find.

Pinterest is one of the most talked about social networks of the moment but many are passing it by as a business tool. According to a recent study by social media inbox developer Marketmesuite , 65% of businesses who entered their site URL into PinMe, the company’s latest tool for tracking Pinterest usage, their site’s content had already been pinned.

This can be a totally new stream of leads for business, and if you are in a product focused industry, finding people genuinely excited by your offering can be invaluable. Look after those individuals, and they can soon become social brand ambassadors, promoting you across social networks and beyond.

No. 2:  Read more: http://smallbusiness.foxbusiness.com/technology-web/2012/05/04/spruce-up-your-social-media-for-spring/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=linkedin&goback=%2Egde_3720720_member_112767779#ixzz1tzFJkfWK

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This is one of the best “technology has dramatically changed our lifestyles” jokes I’ve heard so far.

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Facebook privacy has always been a contentious issue among users, but the inclusion of topics like sponsored stories and page information under the same “policies” roof emphasizes something important: There are many different sides of Facebook. It’s not just a social network — it’s a business.

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Social media has grown into a fundamental aspect of modern society and daily life. 1.5 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook every day. However, what happens to all the online content you have created once you die? By some estimates nearly a half a million people with Facebook accounts passed away last year. Many left behind a traditional will, instructing survivors how to handle their physical belongings; but deciding what to do with one’s Facebook page is a different story. Family and friends are left wondering whether to leave the decease’s account open, shut it down, or create some kind of Facebook memorial page out of it. Therefore, the US Government is now recommending (as part of its advice on estate planning) that you create a social media will.

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Intelligence Is Overrated: What You Really Need To Succeed

You should make an investment in strengthening your EQ (Emotional Intelligence), MQ (Moral Intelligence), and BQ (Body Intelligence). These concepts may be elusive and difficult to measure, but their significance is far greater than IQ.


Twitter Tips

"Doing well with Twitter isn’t as simple as people say it is. Countless numbers of companies launch new Twitter campaigns every day and they fail miserably"


Are you interested in using Facebook Groups?

Over the past couple years the Facebook Pages and Groups products have moved closer together, forcing marketers to ask themselves: which one should they use? 


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