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Facebook privacy has always been a contentious issue among users, but the inclusion of topics like sponsored stories and page information under the same “policies” roof emphasizes something important: There are many different sides of Facebook. It’s not just a social network — it’s a business.

Source: Mashable

What I love about Maori, is our complete lack of inability to be technically formal, and professional. There will be jokes, and teasing, lots of laughing, and above all, some very effective marketing.

I showed some basic info, with my new Prezi toy. I would absolutely recommend using it if you have a pitch or presentation that you want to wow the shi% out of! Takes a couple of hours to get the hang of, but once you’ve got it going, driving it,  is the fun part! It’s the new generation power-point. Perfect if you are but a nerd  with big dreams, and a knack for programs and technology. But, if i could get it to do the public speaking for me….. that would be great!

* Self-deprecation has been known to cause hipster-phobia.